Oil Water Interface Meters

Oil Water Interface meters are suitable for the measurement of floating product – LNAPL (Light non aqueous phase liquids) and sinking product – DNAPL (Dense non aqueous phase liquids) in a both surface water and ground water applications. The meter itself works by utilising light rays and electrical conductivity.
When the probe on the meter reaches the liquid surface of the well or borehole the infrared ray on the meter deflects and meter gives a sound and a light signal. If the medium that the meter contacts with is non-conductive such as an oil, the contact sensors on the meter are not triggered and the signal of the interface meter remains continuous. However if the probe contacts with water however, the contacts on the meter will experience a short, this in turn shuts of the infrared sensor and the output signal on the interface meter will then turn to pulsed signal. The user can then measure, using the tape, the corresponding water and interface levels of the well.
Why use Heron Instruments Oil Water Interface Meters?
♦ Ability to measure products layer as thin as 1mm
♦ Tape lengths available from 15 to 150m
♦ IP65 electronic module with 9V Battery
♦ IP68 Probe – field replaceable
♦ High quality Kynar jacketed steel tape
♦ 5 year warranty, with a 1 year warranty on the probe
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  • H.OIL Interface Meter
    H.OIL Interface Meter
    SKU: 1600
    Oil / Water Interface Meter
    Hydrocarbon resistant Kynar™ jacketed
    15m to 300m tape lengths available
    Portable design
    Measures LNAPL and DNAPL levels
    ATEX and CSA Intrinsically Safe approved
    $1494.00 inc VAT