Ultrasonic Level Measurement

Non-Contact Ultrasonic Level Measurement Senors for liquids and solids

Measurement Principle: The Sensor head emits an ultrasonic pulsed signal towards the liquid or solid being measured, which then bounces back like an echo from the surface of the media. The sensor head then calculates the time elapsed between pulse emission and reception using filtering algorithms to generate a measurement which is proportionate to the level measurement in the tank or silo. This happens many times every second to provide continuous and accurate level measurements.

Δ Continuous Non-contact Level Measurement
Δ Various Material and Connection choices to suit your application
Δ Automatic temperature compensation for accurate measurement 
ΔComplex signal processing technology optimses measurement data
Δ ATEX Hazardous Area Approval optional
Δ Local Display and 4-20mA output (Hart Protocol enabled)
Δ Programming via LCD or PC Software Package

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