Mace Datalogger Platform


The HydroMace XCi is a data logger / telemetry platform which can be used with many environmental sensors. The HydroMace XCi can be used to monitor inputs as diverse as: flumes & weirs, water quality sensors & rainfall gauges, drinking water flows (leak detection) and weather stations.

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  • Mace HydroMace XCI
    Mace HydroMace XCI
    SKU: 850-367
    Datalogging Telemetry platform
    Can be configured with up to 5 input cards
    Options for SDI-12, Analog and Digital inputs
    Can be used with flow, water quality and weather sensors
    Mains, battery and solar powered options
    Access your data remotely with WebComm Free Internet Cloud Portal
    $2190.00 inc VAT