Process Water Quality Monitors

Electro Chemical Devices (ECD) are a manufacturer of water quality measurement instrumentation. Founded in 1977 ECD has a long standing reputation for providing high quality products which are easy to operate and maintain. The products offered by ECD cover a wide range of applications including - food and beverage, chemical, oil and gas, mining, power generation, pulp and paper, water and wastewater industries.

ECD offer a wide range of measurement products to measure and record water quality. Their range includes sensors for pH, conductivity, dissolved oxygen, turbidity, ISE, ORP, chlorine, and ozone

The current offering includes their new S80 intelligent water quality probe, which features many key benefits including - 

♦ Intelligent Sensor Design - calibration data stored on the probe, simplifying installation
Multiple measurement parameters - same mechanical configuration for many parameters
Application specific electrode cartridge - pH sensors for specific applications
Field Replaceable electrodes 
Submersible and retractable sensors - various process connections available
Industrial design - Various construction materials available including stainless steel, titanium and hastelloy