Conductivity is the measurement of waters ability to pass an electrical current. Usually measured in micro or millisiemens per centimetre conductivity is seen as a good indication to the quality of water and can be used to detect contaminants and identify the purity of water. Conductivity values can vary with temperature, so most readings are normally given as specific conductivity which refers to a reading corrected to a temperature of 25° C
Why Monitor Conductivity?
Changes in conductivity are normally a good sign of pollution or sudden changes in the water quality. Often in wastewater an indication in conductivity can be attributed to a decline in the water quality due to parameters such a chloride, phosphate or nitrate ions.
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  • ECD S80 Intelligent Conductivity Monitor
    ECD S80 Intelligent Conductivity Monitor
    SKU: S80-2
    Intelligent Conductivity Monitor
    Contacting Sensor
    Stores identity and calibration information
    Insertion and submersion options
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