Dissolved Oxygen

Dissolved Oxygen is the amount of oxygen (gaseous) dissolved in water. The measurement of dissolved oxygen is crucial in both natural environment and as part of waste water treatment processes.
In the natural environment dissolved oxygen is a good measure of the quality of an aquatic environment as this is necessary for many fish, invertebrates, bacteria and plants. Low levels of dissolved oxygen in these environments are an indication of a poor aquatic environment.
Dissolved oxygen is also used in waste water to monitor dissolved oxygen in the aeration process where dissolved oxygen is added to provide oxygen to aerobic microorganisms to turn organic waste into organic by product.
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  • ECD S80 Intelligent Dissolved Oxygen Monitor
    ECD S80 Intelligent Dissolved Oxygen Monitor
    SKU: S80-1
    Intelligent Dissolved Oxygen Monitor
    Stores identity and calibration information
    Replaceable electrode cartridges
    Application Specific electrodes available
    Insertion and submersion options
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