ORP (Oxidation reduction potential) is a measure of the quality of water and whether any contamination is present. As part of a measurement process ORP can often be a valuable tool for recognising changes if a known contaminant is causing problems with water quality. ORP itself is a nonspecific measurement and is often combined with pH as it utilises the sensors reference electrode to reference its measurement.
Why Monitor ORP?
ORP is a valuable measurement for determining water quality change over time as it is nonspecific, and can help generate a long term view of general water quality change. It can also help to identify that there is a water quality problem so specific monitoring can be undertaken to identify a problem with a process or application
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  • ECD S80 Intelligent ORP Monitor
    ECD S80 Intelligent ORP Monitor
    SKU: S80-0-ORP
    Intelligent ORP Monitor
    Stores identity and calibration information
    Replaceable electrode cartridges
    Application Specific electrodes available
    Insertion and submersion options
    $2220.00 inc VAT