Ozone is an Oxidizing agent which is used to breakdown organic and inorganic materials whilst providing enhanced disinfection and odour / taste elimination. Ozone is very strong oxidizing agent, with measurement of ozone normal focusing on small residual levels of ozone, which imply that organic compounds have been removed.
Widely used in the drinking water and waste water industries, ozone can be used at several points during the treatment process. Ozone is also used widely as a disinfectant in cooling towers and industrial waste water applications. The use of Ozone is often seen as a good alternative to the use of chlorine as it does form disinfection by products (DBP), as the ozone naturally decomposes into oxygen and water.
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  • OZ80 Ozone Analyser
    OZ80 Ozone Analyser
    SKU: OZ80
    Panel Mounted Ozone Analyser
    No reagents required
    Automatic flow control
    Supplied ready mounted - connect and measure design
    T80 Analyser capability
    Auto cleaning option available
    $5250.00 inc VAT