pH is the unit of measurement for expressing the acidity or alkalinity of a solution. The scale for pH is logarithmic scale which operates between 0 - 14, with solutions high in acidity been less than 7 pH and solutions above 7 being classed as alkaline. Neutral solutions are normally found around pH 7 on the scale.
Why monitor pH?
The requirement to monitor pH can often be different for each application. However excessively high or low pH levels from industrial and wastewater discharges can be associated with damaging effects on rivers and lakes if not treated correctly. These levels are often contribute towards damaging effects to aquatic life and can also have an effect the solubility and toxicity of heavy metals and chemicals in water. 
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  • ECD S80 Intelligent pH Monitor
    ECD S80 Intelligent pH Monitor
    SKU: S80-0-pH
    Intelligent pH Monitor
    Stores identity and calibration information
    Replaceable electrode cartridges
    Application Specific electrodes available
    Insertion and submersion options
    $2355.00 inc VAT