Turbidity is a measurement use to define the clarity of water. Turbidity changes in water are normally attributed to the suspension of particulate material such as silt, soil or waste material which leads to the water becoming opaque or murky in appearance.
Turbidity measurement is very common in both natural environments, where it can lead to problems with vegetation growth or lead to the introduction of pesticides or chemicals through surface runoff. Turbidity is also measured in the waste water and drinking water environment, here turbidity is commonly monitored as part of a quality check or to meet discharge regulations / limits.
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  • ECD TR86 Intelligent Turbidity / Suspended Solids Monitor
    ECD TR86 Intelligent Turbidity / Suspended Solids Monitor
    SKU: TR86
    Intelligent Turbidity / Suspended Solids Monitor
    Sensor only option available
    Infrared Optical Design
    Stores identity and calibration information
    Immersion and flow through options available
    Can be combined with S80 for multiple measurements
    $3525.00 inc VAT