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The SITRANS F M Mag flowmeter program will help you do an easier job of managing flow, whether it is installation, managing operations or verifying continuous accuracy, Customers rely on SITRANS F M Electromagnetic Flow Meters from Siemens to improve the entire value chain of activities. Siemens can provide the best magnetic flow-meter options available which can be used to measure almost any electrically conductive liquid, paste, slurry, acid or emulsion including fluids with a conductivity as low as 0.5µS/cm with excellent long term stability and accuracy

Whether it's a standard flow meter with modular pulsed DC technology, a high-performance AC pulsed flow meter, or a battery-operated electromagnetic water meter, an electromagnetic flow meter from the SITRANS F M product line facilitates flow rate management. SITRANS F M Magflo meters are why users worldwide rely on sophisticated products available from Siemens.

With SITRANS F M you get industry-specific solutions for:

 Water distribution networks 
 Water treatment works
 Leakage reporting
 Water abstraction
 Waste water monitoring
 Custody transfer & billing 
 Landfill and land remediation
 Filtration plant monitoring
 Irrigation control

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