Fuel Flow Meters

Fuel Flow Meters for safe and hazardous area applications

We offer a range of fuel flow meters with mechanical or digital displays, suitable for most common fuel types including; diesel, biodiesel, kerosene, petrol, ethanol and paraffin. Fuel flow meters are regularly used in stationary fuel dispensers to monitor fuel quantities as they are dispensed, although not always for resale purposes our fuel flowmeters are precise enough to record dispensed volumes extremely accurately.

We stock fuel flow meter models suitable for high capacity and high pressure applications, models for extremely low flows and highly accurate models able to count even the smallest amount of fuel dispensed or consumed with temperature compensation options using API tables 24B, 24D, 54B and 54D.
We can also supply battery powered fuel meters, those with ATEX certification and custody transfer approved meters with strainers, pre-set ticket printers and air eliminators.