Engine Fuel Consumption Flow Meter Range

Fuel consumption flow meters and monitoring solutions for Diesel and Petrol
We supply Fuel Consumption Meter measurement solutions and engine consumption meters with a choice of simple mechanical Totalisers, digital Flow Indication (Local or remote) and fuel consumption data logging with remote telemetry via SMS, GSM and Internet Browser Login :: Contact us for further information.
Different engines will require different solutions based upon their size, age and level of sophistication required. There is an important reason for this as modern engines use the engine fuel to cool the injector nozzles. This means that the fuel not being used (consumed) by the engine flows back to the tank and because of the long fuel lines and the time it then spends in the fuel tank, the fuel can cool down again. Meter accuracy is critical in this situation as any innacuracies are compounded by the differential low flows in question and the combined meter calcualtion. .  In the variant without feedback to the tank, the fuel also needs to be cooled (via fuel cooler) however only one meter is required here, making this design of system cheaper to monitor and more acuurate. 

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