Macnaught Fuel & Oil Series

The MX Series Fuel and Oil flow meter range of positive displacement oval gear flow meters are optimised for use in all types of Fuel and Oil measurement applications. Manufactured from solid aluminium billet, and anodised to provide increased protection, this range of flow meters is designed for use in the harshest of industrial environments. Unaffected by variations in temperature, viscosity or pressure the principle has proven to provide consistently accurate and reliable measurement of flow.

These Oval gear flow meters are ideally suited to applications requiring the accurate dispensing, transfer or blending of Fuels and Oils. Measurement of very flow rates, small batch sizes, pulsating flows, viscous products and non-conductive fluids are all ideal applications for the oval gear flow meter. The high precision and bearing-less PPS rotor design provides exceptionally low pressure drop, making the flow meter suitable for gravity fed applications. This unique rotor design means minimum wear, resulting in many years of reliable service.

General Materials of Construction:

 Aluminium Flow Meter Body (Stainless and plastic options)
PPS (Ryton) Rotors
Viton O Rings

With only two moving parts, MX Series Flow Meters is exceptionally simple to repair. The ability to carry out field maintenance, and without requiring any specialised tools or technical personnel, greatly reduces the risk of downtown and loss of production.

Application Examples

Service and Fuelling trucks
Fuel Depots
Portable Fuelling Systems
Bio-Diesel Blending and Production
Lubricant Blending and Dispensing
Hydraulic Fluid Dispensing and Test Stands
Boiler and Generator Fuel Consumption
Fuel Consumption for Mining, Construction and Military Vehicles
Bitumen/Asphalt Production

Click Here to download the MX Series General guide

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