Turbine Gas Quantometers : Wafer


Quantometer Gas Flow Meters :: Wafer with Flanged & Threaded options

These Gas turbine flow meters are ideal for commercial and industrial applications for measuring natural gas in pipe sizes from DN50 up to DN150 and larger. Offering a range of wafer styles, aluminium meters are ideal for secondary metering or in-process measurement. They offer high accuracy and a choice of calibration options. Pulse output options allow for remote monitoring, data recording and linking with Building Management Systems (BMS) as well as with gas volume correctors (EVC's)
Meter body made of anodized high strength Aluminum
Maintenance free based on permanent lubrication of the ball bearings
Manual lubrication of the ball bearings by means of oil pump as an option
Index head standard made of engineered polymer material, optionally made of Aluminum
Rotating index head (355 °)
Recommended straight inlet pipe ≥ 3DN and outlet pipe ≥ 2DN
Horizontal and vertical mounting position
Approvals according to PED (PED 97/23/EC), IECEx, ATEX

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