Macnaught Ex Range

MX Flow Meter Series approved for use in Hazardous Areas

Ex :: Hazardous Area models
The Macnaught MX Series is a range of precision Positive Displacement (Oval Gear) Flow Meters for use in Hazardous (Ex) Areas.
Rated intrinsically Safe and designed to endure the rigours of the heavy Industry, the ‘Ex’ approved series presents an ideal solution for the precise transfer or dispensing of fluids in environments where there is the potential of exposure to flammable gases, or vapours.


Pulse Output options (Chose either of these two pulse options from the drop downs on product screen)

NPN Open Collector

Intrinsically Safe: II I G Ex ia IIC T6
Approved ATEX, CSA, FM


Intrinsically Safe: Ex II 1 G Ex ia IIC T6/II 1 D Ex ia D 20 T115 °C
Approved ATEX, IECEx

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