Fixed Ultrasonic Heat Meters ~ 25-6000mm

Fixed clamp-on Ultrasonic heat meters available to suit a choice of pipe sizes and materials.
25mm to 6000mm pipe sizes, various materials including lined pipes.

Supplied with:

♦  3 Metre matched Pt 500 Temp Probes & pockets  (longer lengths on request)
    Optionally, clamp on Temp probes
♦  3 Metre Flow Transducers sensors and appropriate sized band clamps
♦  Standard Outputs : Pulse & 4-20ma
♦  Optional Outputs & Features: Modbus, BACnet,  Wireless Pulse, Data-logging and GSM/GPRS Telemetry

Installation example.

Simply clamp on to the outside of the pipe using banded or magnetic transducers without the need to "plumb in" a meter.
Temperature probes can be located in existing pockets, or stuck-on, clamped-on

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