Hygienic Flow Meters

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We can supply hygienic flow meters completely suitable for the sanitary measurement of flow in dairy, food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries.

Our sanitary flow meters include stainless steel turbines and electromagnetic meters specifically designed to be reliable and accurate yet hygienic. Featuring tri-clamp or RJT hygienic connections and a polished stainless steel finish, our hygienic turbines have been constructed to eliminate crevices where bacteria can breed and most can be also be cleaned in place (CIP). Models with 3A approval available. Available with either tri-clamp or wafer connections, our hygienic mag meters are highly accurate and are constructed from stainless steel with PTFE liners.
As a further option, our non-contact ultrasonic "clamp-on" style flow meters should be considered with models available for clean liquids or solid laden wet mixes Link>>>