NFX Glass Tube Variable Area Meter

The NFX Glass tube Variable Area Flowmeter range is available in a selection of lengths and is available scaled for liquid or gas measurement. An optional needle valve is available for precise control

Gas ranges: 5 cc/min—115 l/min (air equivalent)

Liquid ranges: 2.0 cc/min-4.6 l/min (water equivalent)


  • Scale length 30, 100 and 140mm
  • Accuracy Class 1.6/2.5/4 VDI/VDE
  • Temp Range -15 to 120 °C
  • Pressure 20 barg max – non shock
  • Connection type ¼” BSPF In line or rear facing
  • Connection Material Nickel Plated Brass or Stainless Steel
  • Seals Viton
  • Tube Borosilicate Glass
  • Float St Steel, Anodised Aluminium or Acetal



  • Needle Valve Integral Valve with rear facing connections

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