Series DFX Flow Meter

Ultrasonic Doppler principle Flow Meter
Dynasonics DFX Doppler Flow Meters provide accurate and reliable flow measurements in closed pipe, liquid systems.
Easy to use flow instrument for industrial and municipal applications including :

particle laden paints
aerated liquids
sludge and slurries

The DFX ultrasonic Doppler flow meter from Dynasonics measures flows of liquids containing suspended particles or aerated liquids. The suspended particles must reflect ultrasonic energy. The DFX flow meter operates by transmitting ultrasonic waves into the flow stream and measuring the frequency shift of the reflected wave. The meter’s non-invasive clamp-on design allows quick and low-cost installation, and eliminates worries of fluid compatibility and pressure head loss. With no moving parts, there is no mechanical wear, so repair kits or replacement parts are not needed.

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