MACNAUGHT Oval Gear Oil & Fuel Meters

Macnaught MX Series Positive Displacement Flow Meters are suited to a wide variety of industries, offering; accuracy, durability, reliability and excellence in performance. Incorporating Oval Gear technology, the MX series is a range of Positive Displacement Flow Meters specifically designed to withstand the rigours of the typical industrial environment, without compromising overall performance. Ranging from sizes ¼” – 4”, and suitable for flow rates from 0.5 lph to 1200 lpm, the MX SERIES offers a complete range of 316 Stainless Steel, anodised aluminium and highly resistant plastic flow meters to suit most industrial applications.

Key Features and Benefits :

Choice of materials & Seals
⊃ Increased accuracy (0.25%)
⊃ Excellent repeatability (0.03%)
 Low pressure drop
 Choice of 6 interchangeable display and pulse output modules
⊃ Choice of five flange and threaded process connections
 Suitable for high viscosity fluids
 2 year warranty
 Short lead times
 Designed to be easily maintained on-site.