Diehl HYDRUS Water Meter Range

Robust ultrasonic water flow meter for accurate measurement and recording in all water supply applications.

• Ultrasonic water meter with long-term stability under difficult conditions (no measurement of air and insensitive against sedimentation)
• Higher performance than class D requirements
• Metrological class 2 and dynamic range up to R 400
• Compliant with MID, OIML R49 and EN 14154
• Mounting in any installation position, no calming sections required
• Housing with thread connection lead-free brass
• IP68 suitable for outdoor installations
• Certified for drinking water (KTW and ACS)
• Wired M-Bus, Radio OMS, Radio/L-Bus and Pulse interface available
• Radio communication based on Open Metering telegram (OMS-Generation 3, Profile A, or OMS-Generation 4, Profile B, selectable)
• Highest data security for AMR communication
• Displaying of error- and alarm codes, including leakage detection
• Battery lifetime up to 16 years
• Data logging capabilities to record up to 1.024 daily values + 32 configurable values (hourly, daily, weekly, monthly) and an annual due date

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