Multi-Jet Water Meters

Multi-jet water meters, mechanical totalising mid-priced range of flow sensors available in sizes: 1/2" - 2", with various pulse output options.Suitable for a variety of commercial & general purpose water metering applications.

Multi-jet water meters are very accurate in small sizes and are commonly used between 1/2" to 2" sizes for domestic, residential and small light industrial users. The water flow meters have several flow ports surrounding an internal chamber to create multiple jets of water against an impeller whose rotational speed depends on the velocity of the water flow. Multi-jets are very accurate at low flow rates, but are not suitable as large size meters since they do not have the straight-through flow path needed for the high flow rates used in larger bulk meters .

Multi-jet meters generally have an internal strainer element that can protect the jet ports from getting clogged. Multi-jet flow meters normally have a bronze alloy body or Epoxy coated Cast Iron, with internal measuring components made from modern thermoplastic materials and stainless steel, all tested for compatibility with potable water requirements.

Measuring Instruments Directive 2004/22/EC
MID Approved :: Specifications according to OIML R49, EN14154 or ISO4064 


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