Axis Qalcosonic Water Meters

The Qalcosonic ultrasonic flow meters are designed for measurement of cold and hot water consumption in domestic and industrial applications.

Using the ultrasonic technology, the Qalcosonic meters are highly accurate and react to the smallest of changes in the system. These models can be installed in every position (vertical, horizontal, rising pipe, down pipe) and the IP68 models can be mounted safely, quickly and even under the water.


  • Temperature class T30, T30/90, T90
  • Dynamic range up to Q3/Q1 = R 250/400
  • No straight sections required
  • Ultrasonic flow meter has metering archive
  • No measurement of air
  • Nominal pressure PN16/25 bar
  • Temperature measurement possibility
  • Two power supply options: Battery/External power supply
  • Optional communication modules
  • Measure reverse flow (to additional register)
  • Ultrasonic flow meter flow direction indication
  • Communication modules: M-BUS, CL, WMBus 868 MHz, MODBus RS485, MiniBus, LORA, Bacnet.


  • Static water meter using ultrasonic technology
  • High accuracy
  • For residential and commercial use
  • Hot and cold water
  • MID, OIML R49, EN 14154 approvals
  • Optional communication modules
  • Battery lifetime > 16 years
  • Protection class IP 68
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  • Qalcosonic W1 Ultrasonic Water Meter :: DN15
    Qalcosonic W1 Ultrasonic Water Meter :: DN15
    SKU: W1-15-2.5
    Qalcosonic W1 Ultrasonic Cold Water Meter: 
    DN15 Q3 2.5 m3/hr
    MID MI-001 Approved
    R400 Dynamic range
    16+ yr Battery Powered
    W-MBus or LoRa WAN Comms
    WRAS Approved Product
    $176.73 inc VAT
  • Qalcosonic Flow 4 Ultrasonic Water Meter DN25 : 1" Q3 6.3 MID Approved
    Qalcosonic Flow 4 Ultrasonic Water Meter DN25 : 1" Q3 6.3 MID Approved
    SKU: QALF4-C-25-6,3-P
    Qalcosonic Flow 4 Ultrasonic Cold Water Meter: 
    MID MI-001 Approved 1", Q3 6.3 m3/hr
    R250 Dynamic range (R400 optional)
    Digital display, 10+ yr Battery Powered
    Pulse output as standard (1L/pulse)
    WRAS approval pending
    Optional IP68 Meter
    $638.72 inc VAT