Battery Powered Plastic Mag Meters

AgriMagPolypropylene Mag Flow Meters , No Moving Parts, Battery Powered ! This simple range of plastic Mag meters are ideal for metering water and chemicals which are conductive (water based) They are full bore and so will alow solids and debris to pass through unobstructed, making them virtually maintenance free. Available with a wide selection of fitting adaptors these meters are ideal for portable applications and where the provision of power is an issue.


Electromagnetic principle flow meter with stainless steel electrodes
Suitable for water or other liquids with conductivity ≥20µS/cm
Accuracy: ±1% (between 10% to 100%) of full scale range
Powered by 6 x Standard AA batteries. Field replaceable
Battery life: 1 year with meter in use, 3 years in sleeping mode
LCD display 128×64 px graphical
Empty pipe detection feature and battery saving mod 
Body material: polypropylene plastic
Max Working pressure 150PSI or 10.3 bars
Sizes available: 25, 50, 80mm (1, 2 and 3 inches)
Protection NEMA4X

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