Electromagnetic Flow Meters ~ Budget

BMF Mag Flow Meters
A selection of low cost electromagnetic (Mag) flow meters, suitable for industrial applications where the fluid to be measured is conductive and compatible with the mag meter materials selected.
Magnetic flow meters provide obstruction free flow measurement and so are suitable for all conductive liquids including: chemicals, food stuffs, pulps, acids, pharmaceuticals, slurries and effluent. Their high accuracy is unaffected by changes in fluid viscosity, line pressure, temperature or density.


 Local & Remote display options
≈ Quick installation, Simple setup
≈ Choice of Liners and Electrodes
 Range of Diameters (15 - 800 mm), Flange types (DIN, ANSI, JIS and Sanitary Tri-clamp) Pressures (PN10 to PN40)
 Accuracy +/- 0.5% (optionally +/- 0.2)%
≈ Touchless magnetic pointer and RS232 Communications
 Frequency, Pulse and Current Loop Outputs
 240/115v 50/60Hz AC or 20-36V DC Supply Voltage options
 Proven Mag Meter principle manufactured and calibrated in a traceable laboratory
 Bi-directional Measurement & Empty pipe detection
≈ Electrical conductivity: ≥20 μs/cm
Products: 120 of 24

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