Insertion Mag Flow Meter

A range of Insertion Mag Flow meters designed for the measurement of conductive fluids in large bore pipes 200 - 3000mm Diameter. 
Insertion Magnetic flow meters offer a low cost alternative to full-bore flow devices which can take up a lot of space, involve large amounts of effort to install and present particular difficulties when it comes to service or calibration.
The IMF9000 can be fitted without interrupting the normal flow supply with its ‘hot tap’ capability. This makes it a flexible, reliable and a highly accurate solution for both temporary and permanent flow measurement installations. The insertion Magmeter's operation is based on Faraday’s Law of electromagnetic induction: as flow velocity of a liquid increases through the magnetic field generated by the sensor head of the IMF9000 flow meter, electrodes measure the voltage increase to calculate flow, reliably and accurately . Electrodes measure the induced voltage on opposite sides of the sensor. The voltage readings are the sampled and averaged to provide meaningful results.