Heat Meters

Heat Meters :: MID approved 

We offer a wide range of heat energy meters and heat metering kits designed to meet the needs of measurement in heating, hot water, cooling and chilled water applications, with optional change-over features. (Approved for all governmental energy initiatives)

A heat meter is a device which measures thermal energy provided by a heat source or delivered to a heat sink. This meter will measure the flow rate of the heat transfer fluid and the change in its temperature (ΔT) between the outflow and return legs of the system. It is typically used in industrial plants for measuring boiler output and heat taken by process. It can also be found in district heating systems to measure the heat delivered to consumers. These heat meters can also be used to measure the heat output of a heating boiler, or the cooling output from a chiller unit.

Our heat meters are available in various operating principles including mechanical as well as electromagnetic such as the non-intrusive heat meters that benefit from having no moving parts. These provide a stable and maintenance free design with MID Class 2 and 3 approved models available. Many of our heat energy meters are suitable for governmental funded schemes that provide financial support and incentives to install and operate renewable heating technologies.

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