Oval Gear Flow Meters - Macnaught

MACNAUGHT Oval Gear flow meters are available in a comprehensive selection of models and sizes, utilising the proven positive displacement principal.. High accuracy with excellent levels of repeatability are key features of this oval gear flowmeter range and they are suitable for both thin and extremely viscous liquid media. Their simple time served design features few moving parts and does not require special installation considerations nor prior flow conditioning
The MX series is a range of Positive Displacement Flow Meters specifically designed to withstand the rigours of the typical industrial environment, without compromising overall performance. Ranging from sizes ¼” – 4”, and suitable for flow rates from 0.5 lph to 1200 lpm, the MX SERIES offers a complete range of 316 Stainless Steel and anodised aluminium flow meters to suit most any industrial application.
A key feature of the MX series is the revolutionary new M-LOCK mounting system, designed for the quick and easy fitting of a Pulser or local Display module to the flow meter. The unique bayonet style cam is common to all of the modules, enabling the customer to fit any one of the 6 output options to anyone of the MX Flow Meter Models. Simply a ¼ turn locks the module into place, and it is immediately ready for service.