Rotary Gas Flow Meter

Rotary gas flow meters are positive displacement principle flow meters designed to accurately measure the volumetric quantity of gas within pressurised systems. The range of gas meters can be used for custody transfer approved applications or measurement applications which demand high levels of accuracy and repeatability. This design of rotary gas meter is mainly used for natural gas flow measurement up to to 650 m³/h and to 20 bar pressure.


Lightweight Aluminium Construction
⊃ Wafer Style inline gas meters to suit PN16 flanges, ANSI 150 alternatively
Fitted with low frequency pulse output as standard
Electronic Volume Correctors available
Suitable for natural gas and LPG, -20°C to +60°C
Turndown up to 1:250 depending on size, Nominal rangeability1:50
Meters mechanical index can be head rotated through 360°

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