VZF Oil Meters :: Electronic Display Models

CONTOIL ® Oscillating piston oil/fuel flowmeters

For precise, repeatable measurement of fuel/oil consumption on burners and Diesel engines. 


A wide range of standard models for flow ranges from 0.5 to 30,000 litres/hour
Installation on delivery or suction side. (very low pressure drop)
 No flow conditioning or straight pipe lengths required
Versions available for temperatures up to 180 °C and pressures up to PN 40.
Different flange styles available (DIN, JIS, ANSI)

CONTOIL® VZF DN 15 to 50 models

VZO DN 15 to 50 with LCD Rate / Totaliser:  resettable counter DN 15 to 40 with threaded or flanged connections, DN 50 with flanged connections. Two configurable signal outputs :volumetric pulses, flow rate (current or frequency) or HI/Low limit switch

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