TBX Digital Turbine Gas Meter models

The TBX range are compact battery powered turbine gas flow meters, featuring a low pressure drop design, less than 45Pa at 50m3/h, with a starting flow of less than 0.5m3/h and flow rates up to 300m3/h. Large models in this range are designated TBZ and are available Flanged PN16
Turbine meters in the TBZ and TBX series were originally developed for controlling the gas consumption of each piece of equipment such as compact gas powered boilers and various industrial furnaces and burners.

Battery Powered- Now with DC power option (TBX only)

TBX digital gas flow meters can handle a wide range of gases including natural gas, LPG, air, nitrogen etc

» Digital LCD Display: Rate/Total/Re-set Total
» Pulse output facility (Remote display option available)
» Lower pressure loss than similar rival models 
» High precision (Typically 1% volume at full scale).
» Can be mounted in any orientation.
» Built in lithium battery powered (7 years continuous operation)
» Temperature/pressure compensation function (TBZ models)