Fluidwell introduces the F119 Totalizer with receipt printer driver

Nov 17, 2020


Fluidwell introduces the F119 Totalizer with receipt printer driver with linearization, analog and pulse outputs

The F119 is an advanced Flow Totalizer with the unique function to send a “print receipt”-command to a printer. The configurable ticket printing can be set for daily totals (at contract hour) or delivery of receipt tickets.

The display shows simultaneously; linearized flow rate and total as well as accumulated total, daily total and the 15 previous days totals. The F119 provides very precise linearization of the flow meter signal. In addition to the average K-Factor, fifteen linearization points can be entered. This enhances the accuracy in the full flow range, even for very low frequencies.

Robust and weatherproof

Thanks to its ruggedness, the F119 withstands extreme weather conditions such as rain, snow, sun, sandy deserts, salty atmospheres and temperatures between -40°C/-40°F and +70°C/+158°F without the need for expensive protective cabinets. Moreover, all products in the F-series are robust by design.

Mounting made easy

The F119 has extensive mounting possibilities. Simply attach it to panels, to walls or on pipes. In fact, mounting, installing and programming the F-series is unparalleled easy and user-friendly. Your commissioning crews can swiftly execute the installation themselves, saving you the cost, time and hassle of hiring external specialists.


The configuration of the F119 is done via a simple, logical and menu-driven structure (instead of complex hardware changes or actions), enhancing the easy understanding of the system and its settings. The F119 is, like all products in the F-Series designed according the “Know one, know them all” – principle. Once familiar with an F-Series product, users can program ALL models in ALL series without the need for a manual. This way, Fluidwell allows users to save on programming time and costs, during installation and with each modification of settings.

Overview of features


• Configurable Totalizer / Delivery receipt printing function.
• Key information at a glance: simultaneous linearized flow rate and total, as well as accumulated total, daily total and 15 previous day totals.
• 15 linearization points for high accuracy at the full flow range.
• Robust IP66, IP67 (NEMA Type4X) field enclosure.  It is so rugged, even a truck can drive over it 
• Users can program the products themselves, with the intuitive menu-driven structure, saving cost, time and hassle - Know one, know them all!
• Extensive mounting possibilities: walls, pipes, panels or directly onto outdoor sensors

Ticket examples


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