Fuel Tank level measurement systems

Genius - Tank Level Indicator
Electronic remote tank contents indicator and monitor, designed for use with Diesel, Light Oils and AdBlue
Suitable for use with above ground storage tanks, Genius use's the Hydrostatic level measurement principal to ascertain the accurate liquid level in both cylindrical and rectangular tank shapes with a maximum height of four metres. The maximum liquid viscosity measured is 30 Centistokes. The unit is powered230V AC and features a variety of connectivity options and management tools to record, store and send alarms locally or via e-mail.
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SKU: F007551

Piusi Ocio Tank Level Gauge 230vAC Level gauge 
Reading Type: 0-100%/mm/inches/litres/gal
Tank Height (mm) - 600-4000
Max Working Temperature: -20ºc/+50ºc
For Various fluids (See Options)
£429.05 inc VAT
SKU: F00755S

PIusi Ocio Tank Level Software
Connect up to 12 gauges (see Options)
See tank level percentage, level or volume
Current and historic data
Connection via USB
£556.33 inc VAT
SKU: GES25730

Genius Tank Level Indicator
Diesel & Non-corrosive fluids
For tanks up to 4m in height
230V AC Powered
Alarm Outputs 
Accuracy: ±1% of height
£570.06 inc VAT
SKU: GES2573

Genius Tank Level Software
For use with Genius tank level gauge
Displays Tank Level Visualisation
Historical data
Used to configure tank gauge and alarms
Data Export to Excel
£558.57 inc VAT
SKU: GES25736

Genius Cloud based Software Kit
For use wtih Genius tank level gauge
GPRS Modem + Antenna
Secure Internet Access
£947.15 inc VAT