Tiger Loop, the market leading oil line de-aeration device.

The superior de-aeration of the Tigerloop ensures that oil passing through the oil pump to the burner nozzle is completely air-free. This allows highly efficient combustion without dripping problems leading to soot build up. A Tigerloop installation will achieve better fuel efficiency through lower oil consumption.

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Tigerloop Installation Diagram
The Advantages of Tigerloop

θ Safely Handles suction line air leaks
θ Reduces running vacuum for clear, foam-free oil at the nozzle
θ Removes air entrained in oil during transporting and delivery
θ Eliminates potential leak hazard by eliminating the return line
θ Preheats oil for cleaner combustion
θ Extends filter element life
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Tigerloop external Oil de-aerator
1/4" BSP connections
0.6 litre/hr de-aeration capacity

£85.80 inc VAT

Tigerloop Combi external Deaerator
0.8 litre/hr Oil de-aerator
Comes with exchangeable filter
1/4" BSP connections 
£112.20 inc VAT
SKU: GS Pro Fi3

GOK GS Pro Fi3 internal de-aerator
3/8" BSP connections
Suitable for Biofuels
0.5 litre/hr oil deaerator
£145.20 inc VAT

Tigerloop fitting kit
Suitable for both Tiger loop types TON110I & TCN110I
Includes flexible lines, valve, and connectors
£28.97 inc VAT

GOK fitting kit
Suitable for the GOK GS PRO Fi3 & GS2000 
Includes flexible lines, valve, and connectors
£28.97 inc VAT