Nozzles & Hoses

Refuelling nozzles, hose reels & fuel hoses suitable for oil, diesel and other fuels.

We offer a wide selection of manual and automatic fuelling nozzles and hoses. Suitable for the dispensing of diesel, petrol, ULSD, kerosene and RME / SVO biodiesel / biofuel.

Our cost effective manual fuel nozzles offer excellent performance at a low price. Our premium automatic fuel nozzles can dispense up to 250 litres per minute. We stock standard gravity feed hose kits for diesel and fuel oils and have a range of suction/delivery hoses. We can also make fuel hoses to order, supplied cut to length or swagged, specific to your fuel dispensing requirements.

To complete your fuel dispensing package we can offer a selection of either manual or spring rewind hose reels.