Gear Flow Meter 0.5 - 120 L/min


High accuracy and high resolution industrial geared flow sensors can cope with the rigours of hydraulic flow measurement including pulsating flow, static head shock and extremes of pressure and temperature. (Special models on request)

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Technical data:

♦ High measuring accuracy, ±0.5% or better
♦ Viscosity range= 5 to 25000 centistokes
♦ Medium temperature range: Max. 120°C
♦ Signal output: Pulse (Hall Effect) with 4-20mA option
♦ Material: Housing: 316L Stainless Steel or Anodized Aluminium
♦ Factory calibration: Mineral oil 30 cSt or Special fluid calibrations available on request
♦ Low Pressure Drop
♦ Low Noise emission

Principle of Operation

The rotation of the gears due to the passage of liquid is detected through the top housing of meter using a Hall Effect sensor which detects the passing of each gear tooth, even at extremely high speeds. The liquid trapped between the teeth and the chamber wall during transit is the means by which the volume flow is calculated, as the meters’ exact geometrical tooth volume is known and controlled by strict manufacturing tolerances. Each meter is delivered with a unique K-Factor, arrived at during initial manufacturing calibration.


    ♦ 3/4” BSP ports
    ♦ Ball Bearing model
    ♦ Hall Effect sensor (typically 2ml/pulse)
    ♦ Body Anodized Aluminium
    ♦ Gears 316L Stainless Steel
    ♦ Max Pressure 200 Bar (400 Bar model available)

    Liquid Suitability

    • ♦ Hydraulic oil, Gear oil, Skydrol, Fuels
    • ♦ Polyol + isocyanate, adhesives, resins, silicon
    • ♦ Lacquer, Varnish, Cavity waxes
    • ♦ Brake Fluid, Glycol
    • ♦ Chemicals, Ink, Catalysts and coatings