Genius Oil Tank Level Indicator :: Max Tank height 4 Metres

SKU: GES25731

Genius Tank Level Indicator 230V AC / Alarm Outputs Lubricant & light oils <30 Cst

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Genius Fuel tank level measurement system

(Suitable for Oil up to 30cst viscosity)
  • Hydrostatic Probe with 10 metres of 6mm tube (sits on bottom of tank)
  • Max. tube length: 50m (on request)
  • Genius Control unit to see the liquid level info and configuration settings
  • Twoelectrical outputsto connect two alarm or control devices

Power: 230 VAC
IP-55 Protection
Accuracy: 1 %

User Configuration options:

> Tank type and dimensions
> Tank calibration
> Level alarms & outputs
> Level reading type
> Measuring units

USB or Ethernet Connection to PC possible(Genius Software package extra)
Cloud based Software kit available with GPRS modem for remote monitoring and control

* not suitable for ATEX classified zone installation.