Gespasa's Portable Aviation Kit assisting with aviation travel logistics

Aug 2, 2019

Gespasa’s EPA-50 portable aviation kit is a rugged DC powered, portable fuel transfer system for light aircraft and helicopters. Incorporating: self-priming pump, hoses, hose reel, delivery nozzle, dirt and water filtration plus earthing cable and optional flow meter.

 EPA E50 EX front view

It is specially designed for rapid refuelling of micro filtered and dry fuel. As most aviation fuel supply is hygroscopic, which means it can absorb moisture from the air. The Gepasa aviation kit will filter the fuel and remove any water. It also has a filter cartridge state warning for when it is not able to filter the fuel efficiently, alerting the operator when the cartridge needs changing.


The EPA-50 is a stand-alone fuel delivery kit with a flow of 44 l/min.  It’s IRON-50 pump is ATEX certified explosion proof and comes with a 4m or 10m Ø19 mm suction hose and a PA-80 automatic nozzle for aviation fuels. At the heart of the Gespasa portable aviation kit is a powerful 12V or 24V DC motor which is fully serviceable ensuring many years of use.

 EPA E50 EX back view

The kit is relatively light, at 38kg, ensuring it is easily positioned and transported by service personnel. It is also compact at 45 x 50 x 51cm enabling it to be transported by aircraft, helicopters or ground support vehicles. This allows for reliable and fast fuel delivery whilst travelling, which is beneficial for logistical planning to ensure that light aircraft and helicopters reach their destinations, without having to return to their departure point. An accurate flow meter is an optional accessory that can be used to track how much fuel has been delivered.

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