Grant Data Taker DT80 complete Data Logging kit

DT80 Data Logger kit including
DT80 data logger
DataTaker Resource CD,
AC adaptor, screwdriver, sample sensors & USB cable
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  • Backup Batt
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The DT80 series from DataTaker is a robust data logger featuring universal analog input channels
which can automatically select measurement range based on the signal level.
They are isolated and over-voltage protected to provide reliable monitoring in noisy environments.
Supported measurement include temperature, DC voltage, current, resistance, bridges, strain gauges
and frequency.
Datataker DT80 series stand alone data logger, mains or battery powered, with 5-15 analogue inputs ,
12 digital inputs, CAN bus serial input, USB memory up to 512 MB ( 50 million readings ),
Logging rates 25 Hz to 99 days. Unit has an internal memory of 5 million data points.

Key Features

USB memory for easy data & program transfer
Dual Channel Isolation Technology
2 Serial Smart Sensor ports
User Definable allocation of memory size & mode
Web Interface
FTP for automatic data transfer
Modbus for SCADA connection
SDI-12 (multiple networks)
Up to 15 Analog ( 30V) sensor inputs
Expandable to 300 analog inputs
12 Flexible Digital channels

The DT80's universal digital channels provide input, output and counters up to 100kHz.
Other digital features include a trigger for event logging, phase encoding and a latching relay.
Four SDI-12 channels are also included on this data logger.
We can now offer a CANgate module that allows connection of two CANbus and one GPS input,
which makes it ideal for automotive and other transport applications. Modbus RTU and Modbus/TCP
protocols are supported making connection to a SCADA system easy.

DeLogger software is included which provides a graphical interface to set-up your system.
Monitor sensors and alarms while logging data. Display charts and trends, mimics and tables of real-time
or logged data.

Kit includes:
DT80 data logger
DataTaker Resource CD,
AC adaptor, screwdriver,
sample sensors & USB cable