iSonic 4000 open Channel Flow Meter and Level Sensor

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iSonic 4000 open Channel Flow Meter & Level Sensor
from Badger Meter USA
Ultrasonic Principle
1x 4-20mA analogue input
Internal Data Logger and various ouputs
92 - 275V AC (9-36VDC option)
  • Level Sensor
  • Primary Flow Element
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iSonic 4000 Open Channel Flow Meter & Level Sensor
Ultrasonic Principle
Measurement and Control of one flow channel
1x 4-20mA analogue input
2x isolated pulse outputs
IP67 PRotection
2MB Internal Data Logger
92 - 275V AC (9-36VDC option)
Mini USB (IP67), RS422, RS485, ModBus RTU, Ethernet interfaces
The iSonic 4000 is a versatile instrument capable of measuring level, volume and flow of open channels in combination with weirs, flumes and user defined channel parameters.
The iSonic holds a wide selection of pre-prgrammed tables to match standard manufactured flumes and weirs or else there is a 35 Point input table programmed by the user as necessary.

Robust IP67 Wall mounted case
 Large graphic display
 Internal Data Logger with 2MB memory (130 000 data points)
 Software for programming and download of logged data
 Programmable Outputs: 4-20mA, Digital signals, ModBus
IP67 Enclosure Rating