LPMDL Data Loggers - The low cost remote monitoring solution

Jan 7, 2021

LPMDL Low Power Multi-channel Data Loggers

GSM / GPRS Low Power, battery operated or DC powered Multi-channel Data Loggers. Various radio technologies : GSM, (NB-IOT and LoRa also available). Ideal for monitoring pulse output meters and 4-20mA industrial sensors.

FREE WEB Access and SIM Card included. (Will last upto 10 Years based on data allowance vs typical usage)

With one logger you can monitor Two water meters, power meters or gas flow meters for example. With an alternative model you can also simultaneously monitor 2x 4-20mA sensors :: pressure, moisture, temperature or any others parameters.

Low Power Multi-channel M2M Data Logger

Logger Features:

♦ Frequency Bands: 850/900/ 1800/900MHz
♦ Model Specific inputs 2x 4-20mA Inputs, 2x Pulse Inputs (Reed or OC), 2x Contact Event inputs
♦ Roaming Sim Card included
♦ 12 bit ADC / precision 0.5%
♦ IP67
♦ Configurable measurement and transmission periods
♦ Reconfiguration over the AIR
♦ Configurable logging and sending intervals
♦ 6 µA consumption in sleep mode
♦ Data transmission over GSM/GPRS
♦ 5 years + battery life (6000 transmissions)
♦ Replaceable Alkaline batteries (3 x AA)
♦ Standard configuration with 2 pulse inputs
♦ Configurable High and Low flow alarms

Low Power Multi-channel M2M Data Logger

Further Details:

♦ The installation of this field device is simple and user friendly as it does not require any power or communication infrastructure

♦ Data viewing and retrieval is via secure server/website (Cloud based) You have your own Login/Password to contol and view all devices and thier historical data in graphical or tabular format. You can also allocate devices and asign Login's/Passwords to your customers or departments etc

♦ IOS and android phone App available

♦ Online graphing and data analysis with Custom Dashboard on request

♦ Download to .CSV file 

♦ Configurable metering and transmission periods

♦ Remote Re-configuration over the AIR

♦ 12 bit ADC / precision 0.5%

♦ Google maps location and quick view feature

♦ Restricted access via password login

♦ Set Alerts/Alarms : User configurable via website : forward to multiple email & SMS contacts

♦ Available with or without EEPROM

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