Mag Meters Approved for Use in Hazardous Areas

Aug 25, 2015

Specifying the correct flow meter for any application is important but becomes absolutely critical in potentially explosive environments. In these situations only meters with the correct ratings and genuine certification must be specified.

Renowned for their innovative flow meter design, Badger Meter have developed a range of intrinsically safe electromagnetic flow meters, sizes 6 – 600mm. Tested and certified to ATEX, CSA and FM, the ModMag M3000 and M4000 offer the ideal solution for applications requiring accurate flow measurement in hazardous environments.

Incorporating the latest developments in micro processing signal conditioning, the M3000 and M4000 have an accuracy of better than ±0.25% with a flow range of 0.03 to 12 m/s. Targeted to a variety of industrial and offshore applications, these full bore meters are virtually unaffected by density, temperature, pressure, and viscosity changes and provide an accurate and reliable long term metering solution for a variety of conductive fluids.

The ruggedly constructed modular design allows flow measurements in Ex-zones  1 (M4000) and 2 (M3000), in either compact format or remote display version. The amplifier housing, made of powder-coated aluminium, is approved to ingress protection class IP67. Programming can be done either with a closed housing thanks to a magnetic pen or with an open housing via three buttons. The four-line display shows all necessary data including actual flow, totalizer and status messages. A selection of outputs are featured, including Analogue, Pulse and Alarms.

The ModMag M3000 and M4000 are perfectly suited to a range of hazardous applications where accurate flow rate and totalising of conductive fluids are required. Click for more information and to buy.