Marine Vessel Fuel Measurement - Case Study

Jun 20, 2018

Marine Vessel Fuel Consumption Measurement (Supply - Return)

MX19F-2SA ¾” NPT

Oval Gear Flow Meters from Macnaught

Diesel Fuel

200 GPH at 20 PSI during peak load

A West Coast, USA Marine Fuel Management Integrator has standardized on Macnaught Positive Displacement Oval Gear Flowmeters for their commercial vessel fuel management packages. The two meters above are test measuring fuel to each 3000HP Diesel Power Plant on an industrial tugboat. Data from the meters is routed to a logic scheme allowing for highly accurate fuel burn information leading to sophisticated engine optimization improvements.

Numerous Positive Displacement and other flow technologies were tested during trials. Design criteria required high accuracy, a robust design suitable for harsh engine room atmospheres, compact design due to install challenges and no flow conditioning as retro fit conditions demanded inlet flexibility.

Macnaught’s initial M Series and MX Series testing exceeded all design requirements. The client selected the MX Series as the specified meter due to the heavy-duty body construction which is machined out of solid billet, the .5% accuracy ( of actual reading ) and the compact footprint. To date, Macnaught has been installed in 10 high Horsepower Vessel fuel management systems with this client, with more to come.

Information courtesy of Macnaught USA


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