New OEM Range of Refuelling Products Available Now!

May 2, 2006

New OEM range of refuelling products available offering solid performance at budget prices
Our list prices are keen, but volume prices on these items are razor sharp. Call us now !!
Designed for integration into bowsers, tanks, refuelling vehicles and large scale commercial applications, these products represent unprecedented value for money

BELL-60PK wall mounted pump kit

BELL-60PK wall mounted pump kit
Contents: ON/OFF 240v Pump with auto-adjustable blades. 60 l/min. Z400 Fuel Flow meter, Suction hose, Delivery Hose & choice of Manual or Automatic Delivery Nozzle

BELL-60PK Diesel transfer pump

BELL-60 fuel transfer pump
Self-priming 60 L/min rotary vane pump featuring a novel mechanical seal which guarantees constant reliability, even in low temperatures. 230V AC 60Hz, Single Phase, Continuous duty rated. Integral Bypass and Inlet strainer


Z400 Diesel transfer flow meter

Z400 Diesel transfer flow meter
1" BSP threaded connections, 140 L/min, Mechanical register with 1x(4 Digit) resettable Total and 1x(8 Digit) Non resettable Total


K2 Semi-Rotary Hand Pump

K2 Semi-rotary Hand Fuel Pump
Cast Iron rotary hand pump K2 Up to 22.5 litres/min, Self priming when dry, Suitable for most fuels and oils. Steel suction tube with foot entry mesh. Up to 80°C (176°F).