Ori Waste Water Sampler Evolution

Sep 26, 2016

The new generation of the ORI Basic Solid® sampler is now available with a new enclosure concept which has been developed to make operation more efficient and also to ensure that maintenance and cleaning activities are much easier.

In addition to new air grills on the sides and a removable roof plate, the front panel can now be opened like a door which enables easy access to the electronics compartment.

The Basic solid sampler is now equipped with a direct distributor system, ensuring that the route from intake point to the sampling bottle is a complete enclosed circuit


  • The Direct distributor system minimizes sample contamination errors as the sampled medium only has wet contact with the inert tubing material of the pump


  • The pump module and components are protected from aggressive media and gases, avoiding problems of corrosion and material leaching.


  • Largely clog-free design means that even sludge can be completely transferred through the sampling line to the bottle, ensuring that this model is now also suitable for operation at the inlet of a sewage waste water treatment plant.


  • Easy to clean - the standard cleaning program of the Basic solid is an automated process which rinses the complete suction tube from the sampling bottle to the suction point. Only the direct distributor suction tube has to be manually removed and rinsed in a container with clean water. The internal cleaning program is auto initiated and after about 10 minutes is complete.

To learn more about the new Basic Solid sampler features contact Bell Flow Systems sales@bellflowsystems.co.uk