Piusi Cube 70 :: 230v Fuel Transfer Pump kit, wall or pedestal mounted

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Piusi Cube 70 Fuel transfer kit
230vAC, 70 Litres/min
Includes pump, flow meter, hoses & nozzle
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Piusi Cube 70 Fuel transfer kit
230vAC, 70 Litres/min
Includes pump, flow meter, hoses & nozzle
Fuel transfer kit for use in "Not for resale" commercial applications
This fully integrated electric fuel transfer pump unit comes complete with flow meter, auto-nozzle and delivery hose, allowing for fast, safe refuelling of fleet vehicles, as well metering the quantity of fuel dispensed. The integrated fuel flow meter in this dispenser has a well-constructed 3 digit mechanical display with a proven track record in reliability and ease of use. This kit also has an built-in nozzle holder with pump start/stop lever, making operation simple and reliable. 

The Cube 70 can also be installed on drums, thanks to the optional 2 quick-coupling kit, or can be freestanding using a pedestal option. The wall support kit option is available to enable installation of this fuel dispenser onto a wall or side of a tank. 



Self-priming 230V AC diesel pump (12, 24vDC options)


3 digit flow meter


Automatic delivery nozzle with swivel 


4m of delivery hose.





    • Fully Enclosed Fuel Dispenser
    • On / Off Switch Controlled By Nozzle
    • Panther 70 Diesel Transfer Pump
    • Integrated Bypass Valve
    • Flow Rate (free flow) 70 L/min
    • 3 Digit mechanical flow meter
    • Automatic dispensing nozzle
    • 4m x 3/4" Delivery Hose
    • Protection Grade: IP55 (Internal Motor)
    • Available in 230v / 12v DC / 24v DC
    • Various Mounting Options Available