Piusi Fuel Management System, Re-purposed

Sep 19, 2016

Bell Flow Systems were contracted to supply a dispensing management system to be used with water. The application called for a solution to allow registered users only, to dispense water from a large storage tank for window washing purposes and for the manager to monitor and control the amount of water they were using.

We supplied a high accuracy Badger Meter Recordall water meter with pulse output connected to a Piusi MC Box fuel management system. The Piusi management system allows registered users to access the system with a unique pin code or key fob to activate the pump and deliver controlled batches of water from the tank. The device is equipped with a dual display, keypad and i-button key reader. The Recordall water meter is a positive displacement meter which accurately measures the quantity of water dispensed.

The MC Box can be used with the Self Service management 2.0 software which allows the manager to download data from the MC Box device to the software to view and monitor the user’s usage of water.

Designed for fuel management, but ideal for water !