Piusi’s NEW High-Flow EX Series ATEX Pumps

Aug 6, 2019

Piusi’s new EX100 and EX140 pumps with ATEX and UL certification, were developed to meet the specific requirements of various fuel transfer markets.

The maximum safety has been applied to these pumps when dealing with potentially explosive atmospheres or flammable fluids. Both the EX100 and EX140 are sturdy and versatile, mainly developed for the heavy duty transfer of kerosene, petrol and diesel fuel. They are simple to use, as well as compact and versatile, which means they are adaptable. This adaptability means the pumps can be used for their chosen applications in most working conditions.

These Piusi pumps offer high and constant flow rates, even in complicated delivery systems. They are high performing pumps that can work without interruption because of their capability to operate continuously. Piusi developed the EX100 and EX140 for heavy duty work such as large commercial vehicle fleets that need to dispense fuels quickly and often.

The ATEX certification ensures that these pumps are compliant with the current principles of safety to prevent explosions inside or outside the pump. They can be used in ATEX zoned environments along with the other approved kit items, such as the EX nozzles and nozzle connections, flow meters, and suitable fuel management systems.

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