Ponsel Odeon - Battery Powered Water Quality Meter

Feb 25, 2021

Hand-Held Water Quality Meter - Ponsel Odeon

The ODEON range are designed for the measurement of water quality in the field or in the laboratory. The combination of ruggedness and digital intelligence ensures that ODEON provides a reliable and flexible solution for your application.

Ten Digital ODEON Kits leaving us today complete with PHEHT digital pH, ORP and temperature sensors and calibration fluids



• Memory: 8 MB (up to more than 100,000 records)
• Power supply: 4 x 1.5V AA
• Options: • Rechargeable Battery • External 12 V
• Battery life: 145-190 hours depending on the configuration
• Communication: USB
• Housing: PC / ABS
• Weight: 400 g
• Dimensions : 196.5 x 121 x 46 mm
• Protection: IP 67
• Operating temperature, humidity: - 25 to + 50 ° C, 0-70%
• Storage temperature, humidity: - 25 to + 65 ° C, 0-80%
• Display: LCD 4 «240 x 320 pixel display with adjustable backlighting


PHEHT digital pH, ORP and temperature sensor

This sensor is one of several Water Quality probes available for the single or dual channel ODEON. It has been designed to perform under the harshest of conditions from pure mountains water with conductivity as low as 20 μS/cm, lakes and rivers (100 – 2000 μS/cm), seawater with conductivities of 50 mS/cm to wastewater with conductivity higher than 200 mS/cm. The PHEH sensor features a “long life” reference. The Plastogel® PONSEL technology. This increases the lifetime of the probe, along with the need to refill. The probe has been designed to operate with the Odeon handheld, as well as in situ applications which have typically been the most difficult situations for a pH/ORP sensor in terms of the sensors resistance, response time, minimal flow dependence and low power


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